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E-Bike or electric scooter?

The acceleration of electric bikes (accompanied by pedaling force) is also greater, as is the maximum speed of movement. Here, the traffic rules also play in favor of e-Bikes and can reach the maximum speed allowed on each track (although the electric motor will be deactivated after 25 km / h). On the other hand, electric scooters are considered by the DGT as Personal Mobility Vehicles and, in most cases, are limited to driving through areas 30 where the legal limitation is 30 km / h and the speed of assistance, in models most common, it stays at 10 km / h.

Regarding safety, electric bikes are more difficult to steal than scooters. For example, the KYMCO e-Bikes have a sophisticated anti-theft system with which, through the e-Key, if someone tries to move the bicycle the alarm goes off and the bike is locked. In addition, KYMCO offers free insurance to third parties, with theft included, during the first year. Of course, it is still advisable to put a lock on your e-Bike.

As for scooters, they usually have an alarm that beeps and there are also wheel stocks. However, their size plays against them and they are much more greedy for “friends of the alien.”

3. Practicality
Another very important issue is the carrying capacity of each vehicle. Electric bikes have much greater capacity to transport people and objects. In fact, KYMCO e-Bikes support up to 120 kg of weight and in addition, the B has a rear grill that supports up to 20 kg. While with the scooter you cannot carry a bulky load on top. What the scooters do clearly win is in the ease of transport, since the folding of the device is much more practical and simple. Thus, they can be carried from one place to another more easily, just as they can be stored without major complications.

4. Maintenance and Durability
The characteristics of the e-Bike and the electric scooter mean that both have their points for and against in terms of maintenance and durability, although the vast majority of manufacturers offer two years of warranty for almost all their models. Although the correct maintenance of each vehicle will have an impact on its durability.

In this sense, the electric bicycle system is more complex and requires more intensive maintenance than the technical needs of the scooters, which equip a simpler equipment. For example, the braking system must be checked regularly to check the tension of the lever and the condition of the pads or shoes. Like the chain, a vital component for the bike that, in the case of an e-Bike, supports more tension due to the motor force. That’s why you have to keep it perfectly oiled or check its wear.

As for the life cycle of electric motors, those of bicycles can be greater than that of scooters, which guarantee around 500 charge cycles for the 700 that e-Bikes offer on average.

5. Price
The price is one of the biggest differences between the two vehicles. The scooters, in general, do not exceed the barrier of 1,000 euros, with low-cost models with prices widely below. On the other hand, e-Bikes have a wider and generally higher price range; with many models of several manufacturers above 1,000 euros.

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