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Chris Froome’s training

Going to train in Colombia to prepare the season is common among the best cyclists in the international squad. Height training helps boost and optimize oxygen consumption.

In fact, athletes who have been born and lived in areas above 1,500 meters of altitude usually have a higher hematocrit index than those who live and train at sea level.

The reason is that from that altitude the concentration of oxygen in the air begins to fall, being lower as we gain altitude. This context is known as hypoxia.

Training in hypoxic conditions for long periods forces the body to produce more red blood cells. In this way the athlete is accustomed to working in environments with low oxygen concentration, thus increasing their resistance.


Hence, among the great cyclists, it is usual to carry out the preparation of the season in areas above 2,000 meters. Colombia, due to its mountainous terrain, is one of the destinations that meet these conditions.

Precisely in Colombia is Chris Froome. The Brit is training in the South American country to participate in the next edition of the Tour Colombia 2.1, a test  as preparation to face the next Tour de France.

Froome is publishing its trainings in the profile it has through the Strava social network. And some Colombian fans are taking advantage to record images of the intensity with which the Brit is doing his preparation in the heights.

In one of his sessions, Chris Froome completed a route of 188 kilometers with 2,700 meters of positive height gain outside of Medellín in 5 hours and 25 minutes. At an average of 35 kilometers per hour!

The striking thing about this training is that the route included long stretches of gravel tracks and dirt roads and Froome made it on a Pinarello Bolide, an aero bicycle with time trial fittings.

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