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10 curiosities you didn’t know about the Bianchi bicycle brand

Bianchi is one of the most iconic bicycle brands in the history of cycling. Its characteristic blue color, the elegance of its designs, its triumphs in the main competitions, Fausto Coppi … Few producers have been linked to the history of cycling as Bianchi.

Surely you know his triumphs as a cycling team in the twentieth century, the successes of Fausto Coppi, the epic story of Marco Pantani who won the Giro and Tour the same year with a Bianchi bike.

But did you know that Bianchi was the brand that created the first mountain bike in 1915? And the one who designed the first painting with the specific geometry of women at the end of the 19th century? Here are 10 curiosities you probably don’t know about Bianchi bicycles, but which you would surely like to know.

1: Bianchi was the brand that invented the front brake and chain drive

2: Its founder was dedicated to the production of medical tools

3: In 1895 he created the first women’s bike

4: It was the official bicycle supplier of the Italian royal house

5: Bianchi invented the first folding mountain bike in 1915

6: It is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in the world

7: For 70 years it has also produced motorcycles

8: Bianchi equipped the Italian army with trucks

9: Its Via Nirone 7 model takes its name from the street where the brand was born

10: Bianchi is one of the most counterfeit brands in the world

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