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Riding an E-bike: what's the right position? Hotel Executive

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Riding an E-bike: what’s the right position?

Although we do not usually pay enough attention, taking the right position when driving our e-Bike is essential to do it safely, to project the optimal power on the pedals and for the protection of joints and spine.

The first thing is that when we choose our e-Bike, it suits our size and our ergonomics. Behind the design of a good e-Bike, there must be a convenient period of development and with a qualified team. KYMCO, for the design of its e-Bikes range, entrusted its design to a renowned designer such as Adriana Monk, and an experienced development team. This has allowed it to achieve optimum ergonomics in its three models (KYMCO B, Q and Q Lite), which with the height adjustment of the seatpost and handlebar, allows a perfect adaptation for small and large sizes.

Already, on the appropriate size, we should get used from the beginning, more if we are going to use our pedelec every day, to take a correct position on the saddle.

Each type of bike requires a specific position, but here we focus on electric bicycles of urban design, those designed to move quickly and safely in towns and cities, with an architecture that ensures maximum comfort and manageability.


Saddle height:

In any case, we must look at certain measures that we should always respect. Knee angles, leg extension and shoulder placement is basically always the same.

The first thing to look for is the height of the saddle. If the seatpost is placed too low or too high, we can overload muscles and tendons and also we will not exert adequate pressure on the pedals to get the most out, especially when we are not using the electric pedaling assistance.

The proper height of the saddle should allow the angle of the knee to oscillate when pedaling between 70º (flexion with the pedal up), and 150º when taking the pedal to the lowest point, that is, with the leg almost stretched.

And with respect to the ground, the height of the saddle will allow us to support the tip of the foot with solidity, although not the whole foot, allowing the optimal position when pedaling. With a wide saddle and a more inclined posture on the handlebars, the comfort of e-Bikes is guaranteed.

One way to check if the position on the seat is correct is that someone who goes behind verifies that your hip does not swing when pedaling. This should always be horizontal and stable.


Saddle position:

The saddle must have a proper inclination and be at the correct distance from the handlebar to allow more space for the femur and that the knee is located exactly above the axis of the pedal in its middle position of the pedaling path. In this way the head of the femur will not press on the hip taking care of one of the most sensitive areas when we drive our e-Bike.

To verify that the saddle is placed in its correct position on the seatpost, we will notice that when both pedals are located parallel to the ground, the flexed legs show a 90º angle with respect to the ground line. We will look to endorse it in the kneecap position.

The other is the inclination; The saddle must always be horizontal with respect to the seat post, to avoid perineal pressure as much as possible. And it must be large, wide and with cushioning in an e-Bike, where in the day to day we will not use shorts in our movements.


Place your feet well:

When placing the feet on the pedals of our e-Bike, we must do it by supporting them slightly behind the central axis to be able to exert the force from the distal part or forefoot. In this way the pressure will be made with the pads of the heads of the metatarsals, which will allow us a better control of the force and exercise greater power when pedaling.


Handlebar distance and height:

The handlebar, in addition to the appropriate height and distance, must have a shape and position appropriate to the type of electric bike. In an urban e-Bike you must allow us to keep the body erect or semi-erect, maintaining the physiological curve of the back.

If we lean the body on the handlebars we will overload the shoulders and neck, as well as the forearms and wrists. A correct position of the height and distance of the handlebar, keeping your back straight will prevent us from overloading.

A slight flexion of the arms will allow to absorb the irregularities of the firm more effectively without losing control of the handlebars and without the bumps impacting us on the body.


Eye to the position of the wrists:

Another issue that we have to look at is how we grip the handlebar grips. Placing the wrists well will allow us to properly hold the handlebar to perform any maneuver and avoid tension on them and the arms.

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